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Call of Duty: WW2- multiplayer review
Call of Duty: WW2 in the game database
Call of Duty: WW2- multiplayer review

After three years of jet packs, Sledgehammer Games brought the Call of Duty series down to earth, back to the times of WW2. Some have been waiting for an atmospheric campaign, others for multiplayer mode without robots running around on four legs and battering their enemies. Although the multiplayer in Call of Duty: World War 2 is indeed far from the one in Infinite Warfare, neither has even smelled perfection.

Let’s start from the vital thing, so it’s over and done with. This text is written almost a week after the premiere, and Activision servers are in a lousy condition. Matchmaking takes ages, some players have their ranks reset, the prestige eliminates daily and weekly quests, the Headquarters are still completely empty… Of course, in most cases it was possible to play, but when you can feel that the inevitable experience of more mistakes or occasional disconnects hover above you, the will to play Call of Duty is diminishing by the minute. Sledgehammer promises on Reddit that they’re working on solutions. While waiting for a proper update, let’s talk about the basis of the multiplayer in World War II, which shouldn’t undergo any significant changes.

War mode is a fantastic idea. All this concept is an answer to every irritated newcomer, toiling in public games and complaining about matchmaking. Each of three maps places teams in two opposite sides – offence and defense. Sometimes we have to escort a tank, sometimes steal fuel for it or set explosives under cannons.

You can’t even see the number of deaths in the statistics. The mode encourages to jump in even for a few seconds, take up a suicide mission and in the worst-case scenario respawn once again. There are no rewards for a killstreak and the K/D ratio isn’t taken into account in general stats, so you can just come in for a couple of games, take a break from Domination or deathmatch and play with weapon you haven’t used before. Of course, War still needs a few crucial changes, but the idea itself obviously appealed to a wider public.

Equally good idea, although a bit less successful in realization, is Headquarters, where we can meet other players, interact with them or even fight 1v1. Call of Duty needed such advanced Tower from Destiny for a long time. Headquarters makes every member aware that they’re a part of a vast community. It wasn’t visible before – we entered the game, chose the mode and met others only on Domination servers. Now, even the smallest activity like activating prestige or choosing daily quests implies paying a visit to a specific NPC.

However, there are still a number of matters which raised much more controversies in the Call of Duty community. One of the worst aspects of the new multiplayer is undoubtedly its maps. Most of all, Sledgehammer had only eight of them planned for the release. Compared with at least twelve that were in previous entries, this number makes a very lousy impression. Additionally, taking into account the way how they were designed, the team in charge of maps had to sleep through a couple of months alright.

It’s the simple, limited approach to every location what hurts the most. There was a lot of criticism in terms of the size of the maps, comments on how small and tight they are. It resembles the more classic, fast Call of Duty on close locations, which a lot of people may find appealing. But the rest of the terrain fails, with obstacles thrown around every map and tons of so-called head glitches, meaning situations in which only our head sticks out from behind an obstacle (the character’s model is covered from the neck down) and that’s how we can shoot our rivals. The number of barrels and chests in some places is ridiculous. Most clashes take place between a sticking out head and a rival, who happened to lean forward a little bit too much.

The division system also causes many doubts. Creating a new class, we now have to choose one of five available divisions. The “Pick Ten” system, which offered 10 points to spend on weapon advancements, perks and grenades, has disappeared. In their place there are: Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain Division and Expeditionary, and each of them has a unique set of passive skills. You want to move silently, remaining invisible for radars and enemies? You’ll have to give up some other comforts. You won’t equip your gun with a silencer, and additional ammo will forever be a dream for you.

Although the final rating of these ideas will probably come a few months from now, when they will finally kick off the e-sport season of Call of Duty World League, the new division system, as opposed to a number of other problems of World War II, can be defended. Personally, I like a compromise that every player has to make. Once it was enough to search for an optimal class for standard modes on the Internet, and simply copy it all to ourselves. Now we have to think about our playstyle, think what we need the most and make some rational choices.

In its current state, the Call of Duty: World War 2 game is still to deal with a few matters that probably won’t undergo any improvement in the nearest future. The weapon balance at the moment is basically nonexistent. BAR is definitely to strong, the shotguns are worthless, and the dominance of machine guns over LKMs is overwhelming. Once again we return to the discussion about too fast team deathmatches, and assassination in Domination, despite the changes it underwent in beta, again gives us only 50 points. Luckily, Sledgehammer Games have many times proven on Reddit that they read the community’s opinions and try to adjust the game accordingly. So we can expect the first improvements whenever the servers cease to be bugged.

Call of Duty: World War 2 also offers a very important additional feature, which came to us in a pack along with the return to WW2 – nostalgia. Three years of flying around space with weird robots were truly tiresome, regardless of how good the Black Ops III was. Ironically, the new CoD entry brings a lot of freshness into the series, and the changes in divisions and the recently announced new e-sport season can make it a very nice year. For now though we have to be patient, wait for the errors to be dealt with and, taking into account the number of maps, think about the Season Pass.

Call of Duty: WW2
Out rating: 7.0/10
Tomek Alicki
Call of Duty: WW2 is no revolution in the series, and problems with servers week after the release don’t help. Nevertheless, it’s good to finally stand on the ground and go back to old, fast-paced CoD.
  • Pros
  • Return to WW2
  • Headquarters (idea)
  • Division system
  • Cons
  • Maps
  • Current server state
  • A ton of errors
  • Weapon balance
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