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Review: The Evil Within 2 (PS4)
The Evil Within 2 in the game database
Review: The Evil Within 2 (PS4)

The Evil Within 2 is most likely one of the last, if not the last, representative of the AAA category horror genre. And that’s exactly why this game is worth a shot, although there are many reasons beside this one.

The Evil Within 2 is a direct continuation of a noteworthy, though unappreciated game from 2014. The first part was characterized by a curious yet uneven atmosphere on the one hand, but on the other – offered a heavy and archaic mechanics that could discourage even the biggest fans of the genre. But I won’t repeat what Andrzej wrote some time ago in his review, so let me get straight to the point. The second part is better, although it moves the whole core of the archetype. It goes for both the mechanics used and the plot. Once again we play as Sebastian Castellanos, who suffers from heavy depression after the events from the predecessor. He’s alone with his problems and on top of that, he’s been hailed as a madman. In this condition finds him Kidman, a functionary who participated in the Lantern incident. She informs him that his daughter Lily is still alive. However, to get her back he has to return to the nightmare world.

The Evil Within 2 #1

The plot in the first part was kept in a form of a surprise, which made the whole thing very mysterious. In The Evil Within 2, the creators decided to continue the theme known from the previous game, so what was startling before, now is stated right in the beginning. During the tale, more and more details get revealed and that’s what makes the plot powerful. The characters are more clearly shaped, they have their goals and past, and all of that is based on something more than typical horror moves like “he walked in and never walked out”. Once again we’re dealing with a genre mishmash, but I like this mix. There’s a bit of Resident Evil with its wicked corporation and experiments, but there’s also something from Silent Hill with its craziness, melancholia and darkness. We’ll come across many interesting characters among which there’ll be religious fanatics, mothers killing during feeding or unfulfilled artists looking for beauty in death. Apart from all this, let’s add a lot of emotions and we get a must-see. Be aware, though, that without knowing the first entry you might miss some things, especially when the characters reminisce the events from the first part. For the fans of the previous entry there are a few attractions, so it’s really worth to know it.

What makes The Evil Within 2 even more advanced in quality is artistic style, which is framed by very nice graphics. The world we’re exploring is changing along with the next events. It makes us find ourselves in a lot of different places. It begins pretty ordinarily, when we’re in obscure urban locations, but then it changes quite rapidly and gives room for surrealism and places out of the most twisted mind. Some may not like the ever changing atmosphere, just like I didn’t like it in some situations. After some consideration though, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s performed in such a good way that it doesn’t spoil the whole concept but makes us feel almost as lost as the protagonist. The artists working on the locations’ projects have done a great job, as I was amazed many times by the look of some of the places – especially those from the end of the game, when the developer could spread his wings. What was also designed brilliantly are the creatures we’re fighting – both the smaller and the bigger ones. Most of them look a bit like humans but there are also those who look nothing like it, e.g. a walking mush of cadaver and barbed wire or a giant spider with hands instead of limbs. This, again, brings to mind Silent Hill and its great monster designs.

The Evil Within 2 #2

When it comes to the gameplay’s character, we’re basically dealing with the same stuff we got in the first part. We sneak around most of the time, because the best way to get rid of our opponents is to steal to them from behind and repeatedly stick a knife into their deformed heads. In extreme situations it comes to open clash and it’s much more difficult then. The opponents are quick and shooting a weapon – not easy. Besides, we often lack ammo, although we can craft it in the right workshop. We have many possibilities, e.g. setting traps that will disable our opponents for a while or even eliminate the whole group. We can also use the environment and spill the water and when the beasts get into the puddle, shoot an electric arrow and make them all drop dead at the same time. Out of the dead creatures we get gel that we can later use to enhance our skills – it’ll allow us to be more handy with our weapon and we’ll be more resistant to damage, but it’s just a few examples. Opportunities to steal around and eliminate enemies are numerous, which only proves how attractive the mechanics of the game can be. The only thing that disturbed me was the slow run of the protagonist and occasional problems with aiming – but it only concerns the crossbow.

The Evil Within 2 #3

The biggest difference in accordance to the archetype is a more open level structure. We spend a lot of time in the city, where we can travel to next locations. It’s those streets what gives us more opportunities to explore. To our disposal there is also a special transmitter, which leads us to minor plots. Usually they’re about getting to a certain point and listening to a dialogue from the past. There are also moments when we’ll have to do something more – it always ends with an attractive reward, though. So if you’re afraid of an open world with a lot of collectibles to find – no need to. The open areas aren’t exceptionally vast or filled with many activities. They just serve as a way to get into new places and possibly to gain some upgrades. Completing one of such tasks allowed me to use the chests that were locked before. If that’s not enough, we have a shooting range like the one in Resident Evil 4. For high results in two available modes we can gain resources for enhancements or keys to closets with additional items. During reviewing The Evil Within 2, I focused on the main plot but sometimes I made a turn to get something more. Here’s another advantage of the game, which is long time of fun – in this way I reached the last boss in 25 hours.

You already know that The Evil Within 2 is characterized by great stylistics. Next to it and the fantastic mechanics we also have great atmosphere. I mentioned before that it’s diversified, though talking about it directly would mean revealing the plot. I can only assure you that as a loyal fan of the genre I felt right at home. Actually, I’ve not encountered something like it for a long time. The creators know how to build the atmosphere to such an extent that I felt real anxiety many times, especially when I got down to the game in the night time with my headphones on. An important role is played here by the sounding system, which is at a very high level – I got goose bumps because of a wraith that kept humming her monstrous melody. All of that is accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack, which changes the mood accordingly and lets itself noticeable in all the right moments. We’re not only dealing with tracks out of the worst nightmares (although it’s not the Yamaoka’s level), but also with more melancholic ones that are supposed to affect our emotions. Additional applause for putting a classic in the form of “Clair de lune” by Debussy, which was also present in the first part.

The Evil Within 2 #4

The Evil Within 2 is a classic genre in a modern frame. From the technical point of view it could be better, because the framerate is only around 30 fps and sometimes there is texture of worse quality. Nevertheless, it’s a one of a kind game, cause games like that are no longer produced, especially not in the main line of the genre. Resident Evil changed too much of its character, the Silent Hill series is gone and the rest of horrors are independent compositions – except the somewhat forgotten Alien: Isolation. I recommend it to the fans of the genre, because it’s at least 15 hours of great fun in a fantastic atmosphere. Let’s add the plot which can make The Last of Us blush. And of the basic plot isn’t enough for you, there’s always the New Game+ mode, where you have upgrades, collected items and new outfits, but everything is on the same or lower level of difficulty. Apart from that we can try with the classic mode, where we can’t have any enhancements or use autosave. If you turn your nose up, it’s only because of the rotting corpse!

The Evil Within 2
Out rating: 9.0/10
If you consider yourselves fans of horrors, especially the classic of survival horror, The Evil Within 2 is for you. We get great atmosphere, addictive gameplay in a half-open world and a plot that not only engages you but can also touch your heart.
  • Pros
  • Addictive gameplay with lots of opportunities
  • Fantastic artistic style and atmosphere
  • Soundtrack and sounding system
  • Half-open world structure
  • Long time of fun
  • Interesting, exciting plot
  • Cons
  • Slow movement of the protagonist
  • Technical side could be better
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