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Review: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (PS4)
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider in the game database
Review: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (PS4)

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider has prepared an entirely different character for us, with her own set of powers and gadgets, and all that is based on similar guidelines as Dishonored 2, which we rated 10. Was it even possible to screw this DLC up?

Dishonored 2 was rated a perfect 10/10 by us and a similar gem is hard to find. This quite demanding stealth game amazed with fantastic projects of levels that allowed you to play in any style you liked. And even though the developer gave us a big set of skills (both deadly and non-lethal), we could still complete the game without them – and there were many paths to each goal, too. Pretty much as in the first entry, but we’re talking big games here, which give you time to get to know all the skills and to upgrade your character. How does it work in the much shorter, standalone Death of the Outsider DLC?

The new story is about Billie Lurk, who you might know as the Dreadful Whale’s captain, aka the mysterious Meagan Foster from D2. To avoid too much spoilers, let’s just say she was an apprentice of Daud the assassin, who after many events feels like she owes him something. Rescuing of an old master, however, leads to an unrealistic mission – killing the god Outsider. The same one who gave all the heroes exceptional powers of the Void. Although the plot isn’t outstanding, it’s worth to experience this story if only for a better insight of Billie, Daud and the Outsider’s characters. I have to point out that the plot takes place after the events from D2 but our previous choices have little to do with the current story, since the lower chaos ending was considered canon.

After the release, the New Game+ mode got added to Dishonored 2, where we can use both characters’ sets of skills. This option is also available here, but it works a bit differently. After completing the game we can replay it, but Billie’s three powers will be exchanged for Blink, Dark Vision and Domino known from Dishonored 2.

Death of the Outsider has been divided into five missions that are placed in much smaller levels than in the base game. The locations are still incredibly perfected and offer a lot of possibilities to deal with all your matters, but two missions use the same spot at different times, and another one brings us to a fragment of a D2 level (the Royal Conservatory from the witches mission). It’s difficult to call it a flaw, since the seemingly small changes in the map enforce a completely different approach, and the Conservatory has been taken over by overseers and guarantees totally new experiences, but it doesn’t change the fact that these levels are not as extended as those we remember from the main entries of the series. You can also feel the lack of grandeur from the second part, like Jindosh’s palace or time traveling at Stilton’s – prepare for something more like typical streets of Karnaca with an elaborated bank robbery and spectacular Void at the end of the adventure.

The power of this DLC lies in the new playable heroin, to be more specific, in her set of skills and gadgets. This time we have only a couple of skills and we get them all at once without slowly developing them with runes. What’s more, there are no potions that renew our mana points, but it refills pretty quickly by itself. It allows for more freedom when it comes to using the (this time less lethal) skills without worrying about the limited stock of the blue mixtures. Billie uses teleportation, choosing the location before (which is good for planning a quick evacuation), another power is putting on the face of an unconscious NPC (running around unpunished until the body is located/mana ends) and the last one – the possibility to spiritually fly through the map, where the enemies and items to pick up are highlighted. All this sounds like small variations of already known powers and that’s just what it is, but those small changes allow for more of a tactical approach.

This time we’re also able to hear the whispers of rats, which sometimes throw a little hint, but all those warnings or hidden locations are pretty easy to find by yourself, especially when using the spiritual reconnaissance. The bonecharms’ creating is back, which… unlocks without any notification somewhere near the end of the game. Weird thing. Apart from the powers, we also get a few gadgets. The hook mine, which draws our opponents to us, is a funny little thing when – in a blink of an eye – it catches and drags the inert body of a surprised enemy (and quietly lifting it to the ceiling!). The pacifistic approach is also supported by the stun grenade, although attaching a mine to a bottle and throwing it proved equally effective in D2. Long story short – it’s a bit different to play with Billie, but all along the way there are similarities to the second entry. It’s a great solution for an expansion.

Separate paragraph, however, should be dedicated to the totally new mechanics – the contracts. Up till now, every expanded level in Dishonored gave us the mission’s goal and a big terrain for booty hunting and getting to know the world’s story through letters, notes and books. Now, in addition to all that, we have special orders from the residents – e.g. faking an accident of a certain irritating mime or burning the corpse of a beloved dog. Obviously, it makes you visit more places on the map, but the cash is helpful if you want to upgrade or buy something on the black market (and there are a lot of things you’d want to buy). If you want to expand the missions – this is the right way. Another right way is… with trophies, because the DLC has a set of 31, including platinum one.

Death of the Outsider does a fantastic job expanding the core game, giving us more of the same but with enough changes to feel the difference. Having completed Dishonored 2 again last week, I noticed here a lot of repetitive lines of guards and civilians, and for some reason slower texture loading, and the Polish voice actors are a bit more annoying than in D2. As far as the performance goes, it’s still the standard high level of the Arkane Studios and a must-have for every fan of the series.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
Out rating: 8.5/10
Daniel Stroński
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is more of the perfect Dishonored 2, only with enough changes and fresh ideas to make it playable right after the main game and not tiresome at all.
  • Pros
  • Well known but still slightly different skills and weapons
  • Great levels’ design
  • Contracts
  • Cons
  • No „wow” when it comes to the plot
  • Sometimes texture loading is slow
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