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Review: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)
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Review: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)

Uncharted: Lost Legacy is trying to keep up its performance from the day of its release, by showing us the created world through the eyes of Chloe Frazer. It’s basically working but after completing the game you might think the series needs a couple of years off.

If I were to summarize the whole Uncharted: Lost Legacy review in one sentence, I’d say it's just some ideas from previous entries combined with less interesting characters and unnecessary open world in the middle of the game. Contrary to popular opinion made on the basis of already available reviews, this is definitely not the best entry of the series, but it proves exceptionally successful in some aspects. Regardless of my opinion – for fans of the series, Uncharted: Lost Legacy is a mandatory purchase if they want to experience more of the same thing.

Initially, Lost Legacy was supposed to be an independent expansion to Uncharted 4, but new ideas kept appearing in the producer's head, and the whole thing grew so big that we got a separate production priced at around $40, which can be completed in 7 hours if you’re not in a hurry. I’d say it's just the ordinary amount of time needed to finish one of the first three entries of the Uncharted series, but... it's stretched. Uncharted: Lost Legacy doesn’t abandon the idea of open levels and offers us a little more than half the game in a huge location in India. We’re thrown there to find the mysterious town of the Hoysala people. The order in which you do it depends entirely on you. Naughty Dog took the liberty of experimenting with this entry on how the series could look in an open world, which is very popular in today's games (as seen in subsequent Ubisoft games). How did it go? Not bad. But the game itself would’ve been better if this piece had been cut out.

And now someone can blame me for inconsistency. Because in Uncharted 4: Thief’s End we also had a huge location and it didn’t bother me. And yes, that’s true, only the location in Madagascar was just a half hour of nigger adventure that took me over a dozen hours. Here, looking for coins and Hoysala switches, I spent more than two hours in the open world. Besides, in Uncharted 4 even in this open location, there was something specific going on, both before (which made Madagascar a moment to catch my breath) and after. Here the whole thing is pretty uninteresting and dragged, and the most exciting moment is when you find ruins full of monkeys.

Since I'm here, I have to talk about the Uncharted: Lost Legacy’s characters. As in Uncharted 4, the lion's share of the game we spend with a companion. This time we’re playing as Chloe and Nadine – two characters we previously knew as strong and independent women. Here it was decided to make them more delicate, which basically ruined them. From an independent treasure hunter who has no problems with using someone selfishly, Chloe has become a soft ninny with daddy issues. With Nadine it’s even worse. Through the events of Uncharted 4, the Shoreline boss was ended up as an emotional person who doesn’t even resemble a cold and self-confident woman. The whole aura of family problems and haunting past made sense in Nathan and Sam’s story, but here it’s forced upon us and it drags the familiar characters down. It’s no better when it comes to the main antagonist of Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Asav was supposed to be like Lazarevic, but he’s in fact his lousy copy – with no balls and fire in his actions. And the ending is the worst of all. One thing that’s good is that the story (except Uncharted 4) has never been a strong part of the series, so it didn’t bother me that much.

The rest is on the standard level of the Uncharted series, which makes the fans of action inspired by Indiana Jones movies will feel at home. The game often throws beautiful views around, sometimes even forcing us to stop and admire the beautiful ruins of the city of Hoysala people. When it comes to graphics, Uncharted: Lost Legacy offers no real leap over the previous entry in terms of quality, but it’s purely because PS4 is only that good. It’s a shame though that PS4 Pro’s addition power isn’t used better and the game is limited only to offer us a bit more resolution (which translates to a clearer visuals). Besides, we're repeating the same directed scenes every time. After finishing the game I was under the impression that I was playing a compilation of the most spectacular moments of the whole trilogy. There are moments that remind us of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, there are huge buildings collapsing, a cutscene taken directly from Uncharted 2, and a moment in which we feel like during the last scenes of Uncharted 3. Generally, Lost Legacy doesn’t bring anything new, it just takes the old motifs and works through them once again – sometimes more, and sometimes less glamorously. Is it something bad? In the end, no, because after paraphrasing the quote from the polish movie Rejs – we like those moments we know well.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy, in addition to the story mode mode, offers us access to the multiplayer which is basically the same as the one in Uncharted 4. So don’t expect significant advancements here except for a few skins for our characters. One of the innovations, however, is the development of the survival mode, in which we’re thrown into kill rooms and we have to survive in the fight against artificial intelligence in a hundred rooms, one by one. Nice expansion, but it won’t make anyone buy this game, let’s be honest.

We also won’t be fooling ourselves with the thought that the Uncharted series is at its end. Sony knows darn well that you don’t kill a golden goose, and even though Nathan Drake is retired, other treasure hunters have no intention of resting. However, when I watched the final credits of Uncharted: Lost Legacy yesterday, my mind was racing around the idea that the series needed a few years of vacation, if it still wants to keep up high performance and offer an engaging action. You can see that a too short pause between the entries is tiresome and after the great impression Uncharted 4 left me with, duplicating the same patterns in Uncharted: Lost Legacy became a bit boring.

Uncharted: Zaginione Dziedzictwo
Out rating: 8.0/10
Uncharted fans have to buy Uncharted: Lost Legacy. They will get more of the same at a reasonable price, with the right playtime. But if Uncharted 4 wasn't your "must have" game, then Lost Legacy will tire you even more.
  • Pros
  • Incredible vistas
  • Audiovisual aspect
  • A lot of riddles
  • Perfect amount of gameplay time
  • Cons
  • Dragged middle of the game
  • Exceptionally bland antagonist
  • Using the trilogy’s ideas in a lousy way
  • Mediocre PS4 Pro support
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