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Battlefield 1, compared to previous entries, is slower developed with paid content. DICE claimed that the reason is the desire to perfect the DLCs, while releasing free maps for Premium owners and developing online features. On paper everything sounds good but then "In the name of Tsar" DLC comes out and the game suffers from terrible bugs.

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Mass Effect Andromeda is the new beginning for the series. You can forget about mass relays and the controversial end of Shepard’s adventure. It is time for new worlds, new discoveries and new dangers. A brand new galaxy is waiting to be colonized, and it is us leading this initiative. Is the gameplay as impressive? Let’s see.

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Battlefield 1 got their first DLC a bit later than the previous entries. DICE explained that it was due to perfecting the “They shall not pass” expansion so it could be released as flawless as possible and so that no one would complain and all the work would be appreciated. And to be honest – I can’t see any significant difference compared to previous Battlefields. Which doesn’t make “They shall not pass” a lousy expansion.

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