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16.11.2017 21:55
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Electronic Arts want their games to be services
Electronic Arts want their games to be services

Electronic Arts, as a publisher, is heavily criticized by the players. Their latest games are extremely controversial, i.e. Star Wars Battlefront 2 with its micropayments and lootboxes. Will EA cave? Nope. The company would use those business model much earlier if it was possible.

A prime example for a game with the worst business model lately was Need for Speed Payback, which got on our site mediocre 5/10. The game itself is good, but micropayments successfully discourage from playing. The other big title is aforementioned Star Wars Battlefront 2 with its grinding.

Star Wars Battlefront 2. DICE's cringy reply for "40-hours grind of microtransactions"

Electronic Arts as a publisher sees the potential in games treated as services. According to the company, online games with micropayments can bring income almost without limits. This business model is to appear in any future game from EA. This is also a new big GTA-like game in the works. It's the part of the market EA still didn't take for themselves. With BioWare's Anthem coming - prepare for lootboxes everywhere.

If all of that was possible, the company would use that model much earlier - around the release of Battlefield 4 - and EA would still make money as the game is still very popular. The company sees now how big is the potential in this model and doesn't want to waste any opportunity from this day forward.

Similar moves don't surprise as in the case of other companies, around 40% of their income still comes from microtransaction. It's hard to disregard something that profitable, even more so with higher and higher costs of the games' development process. We can shout and swear, but it's vastly popular and as long as it makes money, it won't change. All we can do now is to vote with our wallets. Sadly, it probably won't be enough...

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