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16.11.2017 21:16
| PS4 |
Marvel Heroes Omega is being closed by Disney
Marvel Heroes Omega in the game database
Marvel Heroes Omega is being closed by Disney

It's time to say goodbye to Marvel Heroes Omega. Disney decided to terminate the contract with Gazillion, so their game will cease to exist less than a year after its debut on consoles.

Marvel Heroes Omega is a simple MMO hack 'n' slash game in the style of Diablo series. The title got pretty good reviews and it turned out to be a nice online experience, especially for Marvel Comics' fans. It was released on PS4 this year, in May, but now, after just six months, MHO will be shut down.

Disney has terminated the contract with Gazillion and the title will cease to exist soon. For now all we got is a short information about it, soon we'll probably know the exact date.

Marvel Heroes Omega - PS4 trailer

Disney Gazillion Marvel Heroes Omega playstation 4 video

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