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15.11.2017 01:02
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Rainbow Six: Siege will be free for upcoming weekend
Rainbow Six: Siege in the game database
Rainbow Six: Siege will be free for upcoming weekend

Do you like Free Weekends? Rainbow Six: Siege is going to get one, so prepare for a couple of days with full access to the game.

Rainbow Six: Siege will be available for free, on November 16th-19th. After downloading the game, you'll have a full access to the whole game during mentioned period - that means every character and every map. And if you decide to buy the game afterwards, your progress will be saved.

What's more, Rainbow Six: Siege will be discounted for up to 50% the original price - up until November 27th. So if you like this "trial" experience, there is nothing stopping you from buying the whole thing.

Rainbow Six: Siege - Free Weekend trailer

Soon, we'll get a new Operation named "White Noise". It will introduce a couple of new playable characters, including the second Polish GROM operator. There is also new map in Seoul. For the details we'll have to wait until November 19th - the finals of Pro League.

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