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13.11.2017 23:26
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PS4 Pro owners are more likely to buy PS VR, Sony increases PS Move production
PS4 Pro owners are more likely to buy PS VR, Sony increases PS Move production

Sony is satisfied with PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR sales. The company counts on bigger demand in terms of PS Move controllers (being used by 2/3 of all PS VR games!).

During Develop: VR, Sony London Studio's director of VR product development Stuart Whyte said that the company increased the production of PlayStation Move controller, counting on much higher demand due to PS VR success. The demand is coming from the bigger number of games, previously available only on Oculus and HTC Vive

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More games equals better use of PS Move controllers:

Currently, two thirds of the games released so far on PlayStation VR are Move-compatible or require Move. As we see more Oculus and Vive titles come to PSVR, we're expecting this number to increase. Sony is increasing the Move production capacity to [cater] to this.

Whyte also unveiled that PS VR is more often than not bought by PS4 Pro owners and already decided players:

It's definitely worth supporting the extra power available on Pro when you're developing for PSVR, but it's still also super important to run on a base PS4.

Also, we learnt PS VR is selling approx. 5 games per one VR headset. According to Whyte, developers are more likely to make games for this platform when they see it sells well. However, there has to be certain level of quality to attract big publishers. Only then PS VR will be appreciated by much wider audience.

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