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13.11.2017 22:21
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Star Wars Battlefront 2 - 40 hours to unlock one character
Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the game database
Star Wars Battlefront 2 - 40 hours to unlock one character

Controversies with Star Wars Battlefront 2 keep on escalating. First EA was criticized for making DICE's game free-to-play title with lootboxes, and now there is a grind for playable heroes - 40 hours of it! For only one character!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available for a couple of days now thanks to EA Access on Xbox One and PC. Players can see for themselves how much free-to-play grind is stuffed in this full-priced title and how long does it take to unlock one of the heroes (priced at 60,000 credits each) without any lootboxes or spending real money. As it turns out - around 40 hours.

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How it was estimated? One of Reddit users shared his calculations made after playing Star Wars Battlefront 2. This is what we wrote:

  • Average Galactic Assault Match Length: 11:09
  • Average Credits per Match: 275
  • Average Credits per Minute of Gameplay: 25.04
  • Gameplay Minutes Required to Earn a Trooper Crate (4000): 159.73
  • Gameplay Minutes Required to Unlock One Hero: 2,395.97 (~4 hours)

He also shared a full spreadsheet with his calculations, where he summed up the time for getting i.e. one class lootbox (3 hours of playing) in Star Wars Battlefront 2. So if DICE doesn't change credit rewards after matches, we'll have to grind for hours and hours just to get simple stuff - and we won't be able to buy nothing else in the process!

It's worth to mention that finishing the story campaign is being rewarded with a few predefined content, as well as 20,000 credits (which are meant to cover Iden Versio character's cost). He can leave that sum and grind another 40,000 to buy one of the more expensive heroes... but it's still a grind.

Electronic Arts nor DICE did not make an official statement. They supposedly removed some things from ,lootboxes, making too much of an advantage for players, although some youtubers say it's not entirely true. One of them bought some pricier lootboxes and he got upgrades so powerful, he dominated next few matches. It seems Star Wars Battlefront 2 did not stop being secretly free-to-play game. Is it really the truth - we'll see for ourselves and we'll tell you in the review.

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