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10.11.2017 01:10
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PlayStation 5 and future consoles won't be too expensive
PlayStation 5 and future consoles won't be too expensive

PlayStation 5 for €499? Michael Pachter predicts it's not a possible scenario and the next gen will be similar to the current one in terms of prices.

PlayStation 5's price will be one of the most important elements of Sony's success or failure in the next generation of consoles. It's the price what made PlayStation 4 so successful, what suggest the company can intentionally announce a not-so-high-end PS5 to reduce the costs. At least that's what Michael Pachter thinks. According to him, the next gen consoles will not exceed a $400 price.

Pachter says a $500 console (so around €500) cannot succeed on the global market, what PS3 proved back in 2006 and Xbox One during this generation of consoles. He seems to be sure when talking his predictions, although he's not 100% positive because of the release of Xbox One X:

I don’t think next gen consoles will be $500…though I guess the right answer is, let’s see what happens with the Xbox One X.

The PS3 launched at $600 and it flopped. The Xbox One launched at $500, and it didn’t work, they had to drop the Kinect and bring it to under $400 before it sold,

Is Pachter right? We'll see. I, for one, am in the group of players who can pay more to change for the better console right after its release. But the PS4 Pro situation cannot happen again with PlayStation 5. Because if there is another "stronger PlayStation console" planned, this $500 for a worse machine is simply not worth it.

And what do you think about all of this?


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