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06.11.2017 22:57
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Sony exchanges trophies for credit in PS Store
Sony exchanges trophies for credit in PS Store

Sony is turning our PSN trophies into dollars in PS Store. Sadly, that doesn't concern Europe for now, but it's still big news.

The Sony Rewards is a great customer loyalty program that lets the players collect points and discounts for using PlayStation services, renting movies, and making use of a couple of other activities. Now Sony introduces a new idea - there are special discounts in PS Store for trophy hunters!

From now on The Sony Rewards will count our trophies and grant us special points that we can exchange for real cash. For example, 10 platinum trophies converts to $10 in PS Store. This goes as follows:

  • 100 silver trophies = 100 points
  • 25 gold trophies = 250 points
  • 10 platinum trophies = 1,000 points

Every 1,000 points mean $10 to spend in PS Store. It will not apply retroactively, so there will be no sudden big sums of credit for more passionate trophy hunters. Anyway, for now it's available only in US, so European players won't have that opportunity. But if we could make a use of it, would you?

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