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04.11.2017 01:19
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Call of Duty WW2 - first reviews round-up
Call of Duty: WW2 in the game database
Call of Duty WW2 - first reviews round-up

Call of Duty WW2 is now available and as we could expected, first reviews are rather positive. It turns out it was worth it to go back to the series' roots.

Call of Duty WW2 decided to go back to its roots - the Second World War. In the newest entry we have a chance to experience the struggle on the western European front. History-based story campaign and the whole multiplayer in the same theme should make a wonderful FPS experience. As it turns out, it was a right direction for the series.

Call of Duty WW2 stolen from Sony

There are first reviews on the Internet and along with them - first opinions. Reviewers sound pretty happy with what we got, but the campaign is apparently quite short. The multiplayer mode also has some flaws, but it's the new CoD, the servers will be full for months anyway.

Call of Duty: WW2 is the best Call of Duty in years. Bombastic story, killer grounded multiplayer, and a dark and scary Zombies make up one of the most complete and enjoyable Call of Duty experiences in years.

With a campaign that brings some of the most historical battles of the European Theater to life like never before, multiplayer that combines the best of the old and the new, and one of the most visceral Zombies games the series has had, Call of Duty WWII is a triumphant return to its roots, reminding us why those early games were so good in the first place.

From moment to moment, though, the campaign is solid, unwavering fun with some great set pieces and moments. Taking a step back really exposes the single player as a collection of good levels and ideas strung together, rather than a narrative. The experience overall though is good and, with such an enjoyable and varied multiplayer offering, everything ultimately balances out.

  • M3 - 7/10

Call of Duty WWII is in the middle of an identity crisis, but by going back to its roots, it has created slower and more tactical gameplay that is much more fun to play than the wall running and double jumping from the last few installments.

  • Digital Chumps 95/100
  • GamesBeat 94/100
  • GameSpot 90/100
  • Hardcore Gamer 90/100
  • God is a Geek 90/100
  • PlayStation LifeStyle 90/100
  • GamingTrend 90/100
  • Attack of the Fanboy 90/100
  • Impulsegamer 90/100
  • AusGamers 90/100
  • GameInformer 88/100
  • EGM 85/100
  • COGconnected 85/100
  • NZGamer 85/100
  • Critical Hit 85/100
  • IGN Italy 85/100
  • Hobby Consolas 84/100
  • IGN Spain 83/100
  • Xbox Achievments 80/100
  • Telegraph 80/100
  • GamesRadar+ 80/100
  • SpazioGames 80/100
  • 80/100
  • Gameblog 80/100
  • Gadgets 360 70/100
  • M3 70/100

That's all for now. Below you'll find an official video presenting two divisions - equivalents of classes.

Call of Duty WW2 - Divisions

Did you buy new Call of Duty? How do you like it so far?

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