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03.11.2017 22:57
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Assassin's Creed Origins gets Update 1.03, HDR is here!
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Assassin's Creed Origins gets Update 1.03, HDR is here!

Assassin's Creed Origins is available since last week and now it got a big update. Finally PS4 Pro owners can make use of their more powerful consoles and try HDR graphics mode - and many other fixes!

Assassin's Creed Origins is in stores for a week now and it seems the year-long hiatus was a good idea. The new entry of the series ditched many criticized ideas and used more RPG elements. Reviews are positive, players' opinions are great... it's the new day for the whole Assassin's Creed IP.

There is the new Update 1.03 which takes 1,573 MB and, most importantly, adds HDR mode for PlayStation 4 Pro owners. What else has changed? There is a full list:

Photo Mode

  • New features: depth of field, exposure, vignette, temperature, tint, saturation and noise


  • Improved various cinematic transitions
  • Improved level of detail during several cinematic sequences
  • Fixed issue with the interaction with NPC's the Cat and Mouse quest
  • Fixed out bound issues in Present Day


  • Added parry ability to Aya playable character
  • Improved playable character, NPC's, and animal navigation
  • Balanced damages when executing an Overpower Chain Throw
  • Prevented sandstorm from appearing over water
  • Prevented playable character from changing stance during dialogue scenes
  • Fixed various issues with the playable character being stick in overheat stance, in haystack, or in the world geometry under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue preventing players from picking up arrows in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue preventing players from interacting with loot bags dropped inside cages
  • Fixed issue where screen would briefly turn black when entering plause menu in Stone Circle activity
  • Fixed issue where the thrown weapon could sometimes not hit the intended enemy when using the Overpower Chain Throw ability
  • Fixed issue with Critical attack ability where playable character could sometimes not reach his target
  • Fixed issue with caged lions attacks not dealing any damage
  • Fixed issue with Ledge assassination on sleeping enemies
  • Fixed issue with Sickle swords, heavy blunt & scepter classes not able transition from Charged heavy attack to Charged light attack
  • Fixed visual effect on Sickle sword's charged light attack
  • Fixed issue where arrows could sometimes not hit a moving enemy when locked on him
  • Fixed some inconsistencies when using the Parry ability with Sickle swords
  • Fixed weapon rotation when releasing a Charged heavy attack
  • Fixed camera movement when being on a to an enemy
  • Fixed issue where the playable character could lost health when parrying
  • Fixed issue with Captains throwing knives not dealing damage

User interface

  • Added back button icon to locked menu pages
  • Added category filters in the gear page of the store
  • Added a completed activity panel to some activity location
  • Added indication of the currently equipped gear in the shop upgrade menu
  • Added a hold gauge to Follow Road input representation
  • Improved Photo mode grid to follow Rule of Thirds principle
  • Improved the loot icon when purchasing a Heka Chest
  • Reduced text size in Arena wave display to prevent display issues in some languages
  • Disabled photo mode when in Stone Circles
  • Disabled critical messages when in Photo mode
  • Fixed some critical messages from appearing even if HUD is set to minimal
  • Fixed health bar display when aiming at Ptolemaic Champions
  • Fixed mission Quest icon in Daily Quest
  • Fixed issue preventing research folders from opening in Present Day menu
  • Fixed material icons display when deploying Senu
  • Fixed ellipsis glyph in Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese fonts
  • Fixed various visual and functionality, menu issues

Graphics & Audio

  • Added HDR TV Support


  • Improved stability and performance
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