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01.11.2017 02:50
Sony notices the future of gaming are microtransactions
Sony notices the future of gaming are microtransactions

It's time to abandon the ship! During the meeting with investors Sony admitted the micropayments are the future of video games and this part of the market will be prioritized.

Today Sony pointed out how much money the video game market makes. PlayStation Network with PS Store, PS Plus subscriptions and all the DLCs is the most profitable. Sadly, soon it will include micropayments. Sony doesn't even try to hide it.

Chief Financial Officer at Sony Kenichiro Yoshida claimed that half of the video game market revenue is generated by PSN services. He pointed out the business is changing and hardware or games are not the best they can do in terms of income. The services are becoming more and more important. Yoshida added the sales are still essential, but one should focus on MAU (monthly active users).

The step towards micropayments and a bigger profit will be made by new nead of SIE John Kodera - the man who created PlayStation Network. He will explore and watch over neglected segments of the market, which unfortunately includes micropayments.

It can be confusing as Sony is still announcing singleplayer games - and it's true. But it won't be surprising when The Last of Us 2 turns out to have some micropayments in the multiplayer. Maybe upcoming God of War will introduce an online mode? For now, we hope that Sony understands that microtransactions have profit potential, but also - many flaws.

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