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28.09.2017 18:53
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Skyrim for hardcore players? Bethesda announced Survival mode
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition in the game database
Skyrim for hardcore players? Bethesda announced Survival mode

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is almost 6 years old and there are still new version coming, just like recent remaster for PlayStation 4. Now there is coming an all-new feature - Survival mode!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is a second wind for Skyrim on Sony's consoles. Bethesda added mod support for PS4 (not so good, though) and we have paid mods now. One of them is new game mode - Survival. Prepare for a completely new experience.

Skyrim VR is a hot mess

Survival mode in the first week will be available for everybody for free. Then we'll have to pay for it. How much? We don't know it yet. What we do know is it's will be released early in October, so pretty soon.

So - what's new in Survival mode? There are needs like hunger influencing our character's stamina and combat skills. Of course we can keep that in check through eating food, but better cook it before, cause raw meat lead to diseases.

There will be also the fatigue - the more we are tired, the more mana points it takes and slows its regeneration. Once again, the the answer to this problem is simple - sleep. Although doing it outside leads to...

... cold. Yet another new feature which is to make our life worse. Cold decreases out total health points, movement speed and skills like picking locks and pockets. There is a point at which our hero dies, so fun never stops. Remember to not swim in lakes, eat hot food and use torches.

But wait - there is more! The Fast Travel option will be turned off and we'll have to walk everywhere on foot. Of course there will be different means of transport, yet passing time will make our hero hungry and tired. There also won't be any health regeneration, equipment will be heavier and the developer prepared a couple of new diseases to catch from enemies. What about shrines? They are still there, yet you'll have to pay for using them.

These are new diseases in Survival mode:

  • Weakened: You are less effective at using melee weapons and blocking damage with your shield.
  • Addled: All enchantments and spells cast are less effective.
  • Frostbitten: You are less effective at picking locks, picking pockets, and doing damage with a bow.

It's worth mentioning that Extra Pockets perk and The Steed Stone will grant only 50 additional carry weight, not usual 100.

So, how do you like this idea?


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