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05.09.2017 21:11
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Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Deceased's family won't get too much from DLCs
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Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Deceased's family won't get too much from DLCs

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will support game's late producer Michael Forgey's family by sharing a part from special DLC revenue. There is loophole, though - the publisher don't want to give out too much money.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War's executive producer Michael Forgey died of cancer on March 3rd, during the game's development process. The Monolith staff decided to memorialize him in a very special DLC - downloadable companion for main character. Forgley will appear as a mighty warrior Forthog Orc-Slayer, who you can see on the trailer below.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - microtransactions or grind

Whole thing is a kind homage for the man and the revenue from the DLC is to go to Forgey's family. Sadly, that is not as good as it sounds. Firstly, from the companion's cost of $4.99, only $3.50 will be donated for them. Secondly, this includes just the revenue from the US players - and not even from all the states! If you're from Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi or South Carolina, your money also will not go to Forgey's loved ones. And it applies only until 31st December 2019. Of course, there are taxes and fees, but Warner Bros. could pay them on their own.

What's worth mentioning about the DLC itself, Michael Forgey's character is called "Orc-Slayer" due to the band he was a part of. He was, in fact, also a musician, and along with some of Monolith members he created a band called Orc Slayer. Thanks to the same colleagues, he will be remembered by many players as a trusty companion. As studio's head Kevin Stephens said:

We wanted to make Forgey immortal. He would jump in and help out for anything. The idea of him jumping in to save the day is what we wanted to capture.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - DLC in memory of deceased producer


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