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Stealth hunting

When fighting machines, you want to stay undetected. Keep in mind that unless the alert icon appears above the opponent, whatever he’s doing, he’s unaware of your presence. The yellow question mark means that you can still hide behind something or in the tall grass and remain unnoticed. Until the icon is completely red, you’re not detected. It’s also worth to find a natural obstacle before any fight, which will be useful for protection against close and distant attacks.

Medium sized opponents will be the easiest to knock down with a simple trick to draw them near the heroine who’s waiting in the tall grass (Lure Call) and finish them with the silent elimination (Silent Strike). This trick in will allow you to gather a good amount of junk without even moving and all that with practically no great effort.

There’s always hacking the machines so they help you in your fights. If your plan to quietly take over a monster doesn’t go well, you can always knock it down with a stronger close attack or trap it and then create an ally. Just be careful so that no one attacks you during the takeover.

You don’t know how to effectively use new weapons? After purchasing equipment that uses a new type of ammunition, a tutorial will appear on the mission menu. Not only will it explain the effects of the fresh loadout, but it will also reward you for using it with valuable experience points. Remember that you’ll get credit for these missions only if they’re active.

Upgrading and elemental damage

The Focus shows which machine components are sensitive to which type of injury, but it’s not enough to use a fiery arrow and wait for results (unless we’re talking exposed weak points). The rule is simple – use the selected type of damage until the center of the icon fills up (for example, the entire fire icon turns orange) – only then will a white border around it appear and count for how long the opponent will get maximum damage from the element spread over time.

It’s also good to use frost because the frozen enemy will get more damage from any weapon from your arsenal (even spear), and flying machines will fall to the ground.

Playing on a higher level of difficulty, it’s also advisable to prepare several types of armor with different enhancements, which will help to minimize damage from various elements. At the beginning of the game it’s not required, so that this facilitation can easily be ignored in the later stages of the game – but why make it more difficult?

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