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Gathering and merchants

We all know it’s best to collect everything we encounter on the road – sticks, flowers, meat and parts of defeated monsters. But soon you’ll run out of space for unique items in your bag. The solution is to create extra space (get ready for a lot of required sticks!) and sell in shops. And in order not to sell something rare that may be useful later, look at the description of the object – if there’s nothing but "sale for metal scraps", then you have nothing to worry about. It’s also worth remembering that after the sale you can buy the item back from the merchant, so you can easily treat them like temporary boxes.

Shoppers in the Horizon world are greedy and often want more than the scraps of metal. If you don’t know where to find a part, you can choose "create task" and the map will show you where you can get the item

Don’t forget to take a free supply chest from any newly encountered merchant. A small thing, but you can’t have too many materials.

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