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Horizon Zero Dawn. Guide, secrets, treasures, collectibles
Horizon Zero Dawn in the game database
Horizon Zero Dawn. Guide, secrets, treasures, collectibles

Horizon Zero Dawn is a great and complex game that can be a little overwhelming. Efficient stealth, taking advantage of the machines’ weaknesses, fast travel for free – these are just some of the tips we have prepared for you.

Below you will find no obvious tips like explaining the basics of how to "use the Focus to spot the opponent’s weak points" or that “you should choose slow-motion for aiming." We’ve prepared some helpful tips which, of course, you could avoid and unnecessarily make your life more difficult. Let’s go.


World of Horizon Zero Dawn is vast and even with the ability to ride on some machines, the road to the destination can be extremely long. That’s why it’s a good idea to approach each campfire nearby to discover it and thus create a point of fast travel for future use. Also, save the game every time you’re near it, because after you die the game loads from the last checkpoint so it’s easy to lose a big chunk of your progress.

Fast travel can often save you, but it’s not free. It requires a special kit that can be purchased from merchants or made with some basic materials... but you should want your fast travel for free. And there’s a way! At some merchants’ Materials tab you can find the Golden Fast Travel Pack for only 50 pieces of metal, fox skin and some fatty meat. It allows for an infinite number of travels.

Without worrying about the (low, but still) costs of a fast travel, you can easily jump across the map for sidequests that give you experience points and often skill points. And if anyone thinks that the fast travel option is in conflict with the open world, just look at the size of the Horizon Zero Dawn map.

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