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Top 10 mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition in the game database

Archers’ Paradise (Phenderix Arcane Archery)

Are you annoyed by the lack of magic arrows? Or maybe you didn’t think about it, but it sounds pretty good? A ton of special arrows has been added and they’re available in every forge. There are fiery arrows, electrifying arrows and those creating something like a black hole, as well as missiles paralyzing everyone or forcing others to attack the nearest person. Awesome thing indeed!

One to rule them all… or at least become invisible (LOTR The One Ring | Invisibility Ring PS4)

When we think of fantasy and a huge world, Tolkien's stories should come to mind first. For the Lord of the Rings fans, a ring that makes our character invisible has been created. Opponents will still be able to hear you, so it’s not something that will make you invulnerable, but playing a weaker character on the high difficulty level and using the ring power may be an interesting idea for a new game.

Legendary creatures and how to find them (Legendary Creatures)

There are stronger and weaker opponents, but what a hunters seeking the real challenge can do? In this modification you get a diary with tips on the eight mighty variants of monsters. Your task is to find them and kill them, and special items like explosive ice arrows, magical weapons or new spells will be awarded.

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