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Top 10 mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition in the game database

Useless perks? Let’s refresh all the skill trees! (Better Vanilla Perks for PS4)

It’s a bit scary to mod skills, but in this case we have very useful improvements. Basic perks were taken and something special was added to them. Thanks to this for example Archery has gained bonuses to arrow’s poison damage, and investing in Speech will make the skill books give you extra levels. Small but enjoyable use of the things that usually get overlooked.

If you don’t want to touch all your skills, there’s something for assassins too (Thief 2.0 (Sneak Redesigned PS4)). The mod improves the Sneak tree, adding silent spells casting (e.g. for the Bound Bow) or faster and quieter movement.

Look out, you’ll step on a horse! (Mini Horses Mod!)

If you use the little Clucky’s company, you’re probably amused with his small size. And if the horse was the same size? This modification turns all saddled horses into miniatures. And yes, you can ride them. Expect weird sights...

Bravely-artificial intelligence of the opponents (Better Combat AI)

The behavior of opponents in Skyrim is not perfect, but this mod somewhat improves it. Don’t think that suddenly the fighting will become some kind of tactical clash, but NPCs with a better shield will go forward, while archers are hiding behind comrades rather than fleeing to the other end of the world. Another example is animals, feeling more confident in the group, and also the dragons themselves, more often attacking from above. In general, you can see faster decisions in the attacks of enemies when you lower the guard, but don’t count on a completely new AI quality – these are rather minor touches.

Oh, I forgot there’s a civil war going on… (Deadly Civil War of Skyrim [Imperial and Stormcloak Overhaul] PS4 version)

The plot of the game depicts an ongoing civil war between the Imperial and Thieves, but in reality these fractions fight only in the missions of the corresponding side. That’s why the mod spreading the constantly fighting each other units of the two sides all over the world was made. We can also get hit, but you know how it is – there’s a war going on. And you can finally feel it.

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