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Top 10 mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition in the game database
Top 10 mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Sony restrictions have led to a situation when mods to the refreshed Skyrim can use only the content of the game itself and nothing else. That doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t find anything interesting! Here are the ten most interesting mods on PS4.

Using Skyrim mods on the console is easy – we go to the modification browser and select the item we’re interested in by downloading a tiny file. As Sony has limited modders, we usually have typical "trainers" (experience boost, more life/mana/stamina, etc.), the ability to create anything in the forge, increase the character’s lifting ability or additional companions who usually don’t represent anything special.

But there are some little gems! We’ve searched through all mods available on PS4 and chosen ten most interesting. And remember that by activating a mod you won’t be able to obtain any trophies on a given save!

Over 370 new spells! (Phenderix Magic Evolved)

Let’s start with something big. This huge mod makes use of various effects in the game, transforming them into spells to learn from a rich amount of new books. In addition to the elemental spells (which are repetitive, but what can you do with so many spells?), we have such useful things as temporary acceleration of the character’s movements (in several versions), summoning practically any opponent from the game, temporary increase of the level of our skills or a spell that disarms enemies. What CAN’T you find in here?! And if you’ve just started the adventure and you don’t yet have enough mana, you’ll need another ring reducing the cost of spells by 100% (Ring of Souls – PlayStation 4 Edition).

Companions as mules? I have a chicken! (Clucky)

Probably many of you use your companion mostly to carry excess items. No, we won’t use mods to increase the weight limit, because it’s just too easy. But what do you say to the companion in the form of a chicken? You’ll find him in a tavern in the Riverwood and it will help you carry a lot of items, but don’t count on its support in battle. This mule… I meant chicken, you have to defend yourself. And how often do chickens greet you with "I’ll keep watch from here"?

Time to hit the mod (Faster Horses)

A horse in Skyrim isn’t very useful. Sure, it can walk on very steep terrain, but its speed leaves much to be desired. We have a modification that changes that without making it look unnatural. On the contrary – finally, horseback riding makes sense and doesn’t look like scampering about! An excellent proposition for anyone who ever complained about the speed of horses (which is practically everyone).

There’s also a way to accelerate and increase the jumping of the character (150% Jumping & Sprinting), but be careful, because both mods used at once caused the camera to panic as I steered the horse up on any uneven terrain.

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