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Upcoming PS4 Releases -November 2017
Upcoming PS4 Releases -November 2017

November is another big month with PS4 games. We've got Star Wars Battlefront 2, Need for Speed Payback, The Sims 4, Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wild and Call of Duty: WW2.

November 3rd

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

Developer: CyberConnect2 | Publisher: Bandai Namco | Genre: jRPG

A remaster of a 15-years-old action RPG series from PS2. Our protagonist just created a character in a MMO game and he’s looking for revenge on a player who murdered his friend and left her real body in a coma. After 10 years since the release of the last entry, the series makes a comeback – with the fourth chapter, many fixes in core mechanics and a faster pace of action.


Call of Duty: WW2

Developer: Sledgehammer Games | Publisher: Activision | Genre: FPS

Seeing the success of Battlefield 1, Call of Duty FPS series comes back to its roots – the Second World War. Sledgehammer Games (CoD: Advanced Warfare) plans to place the story campaign in the western front, where the player will take a role of two soldiers from 1st Infantry Division. That means we’ll visit France, Belgium and the heart of the aggressor – Nazi Germany. In the obligatory multiplayer we’ll see maps placed in other European countries, but instead of making our MP hero class, we’ll choose one from pre-set five classes. There will be also Nazi Zombie – a survival story mode for four players in co-op.


November 7th

Hand of Fate 2

Developer: Defiant Development | Publisher: Defiant Development | Genre: card game

The sequel to an original RPG card game based on dungeon crawler genre. At the beginning we’ll have a table with a couple of cards put face down. They are hiding many missions, scenarios, items, etc. This way we level up our hero and prepare him for fights and arena puzzles to come. The second entry brings many more cards, enemies and special situations.


Hitman - Game of the Year Edition

Developer: IO Interactive | Publisher: Square Enix | Genre: action, stealth

The latest entry of Hitman series, divided into episodes, is available as a whole game for some time now, but there is a Game of the Year edition coming. The whole season of Agent 47 missions contains Prologue and all six episodes with story levels and a lot of side missions and time-based challenges. As a bonus, there is an additional storyline “Patient Zero”, but also a couple of special costumes (a clown, a cowboy and a Raven tactical suit – each with a proper weapon) and new challenges in Escalation mode. This edition of the game will be digital only and with it, there is a new update coming with UI changes, lighting fixes and improvements to the Contracts mode.


Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds

Developer: Guerrilla Games | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Genre: action RPG, open world

An expansion to a successful sandbox from Guerrilla Games with the continuation of Aloy’s story. This time we’ll fight the mechanical wildlife on covered in ice, snowy locations, where the developer prepared new dangers, secrets and human tribes. The DLC will require the core game.


Sonic Forces

Developer: Sonic Team | Publisher: SEGA | Genre: platformer

Latest Sonic Mania showed that the series still holds strong, if only the developer uses old mechanics and 2D visuals. What about the third dimension? Sonic Forces is to prove there is still a chance for the success of 3D game with the blue hedgehog. Get ready for time races, collecting gold rings and fighting bosses. As a bonus, the makers prepared 2D sequences and a co-op mode. And if you have had enough of the regular cast, there will be a hero creator.


November 9th

Cursed Castle (Maldita Castilla Ex)

Developer: Locomalito | Publisher: Abylight Studios | Genre: platformer

A 2D retro platformer which was released last year on PlayStation 4 and pleased hardcore players. Now the developer finished the PS Vita version of the game. So, if you are prone to masochism and you play games like Ghost 'n Goblins in your free time, this one is for you – now on a handheld!


November 10th

Ben 10

Developer: Outright Games | Publisher: Bandai Namco | Genre: action, beat 'em up

Beat ’em up under a popular cartoon’s license. We play as a boy named Ben, who has a shapeshifting device. He can change into one of many aliens, each with different special abilities. One is fast, another can take more hits and another one controls the fire. Using all ten of them we’ll fight hordes of enemies and solve environmental puzzles. The developer promises a large gallery of villains from the TV show and well-known alien forms to unlock.

Cat Quest

Developer: The GentleBros | Publisher: PQube | Genre: RPG

Top-down RPG with an open world, where we play as… a kitten. The game uses oldschool RPG mechanics, combat in real time, dangerous dungeons and plethora of items to loot. It terms of the story, our feline hero is looking for his sister, who was kidnapped by a dark mage named Drakoth. Of course, we’ll save the world in the process.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Developer: Flashbulb Games | Publisher: Wired Productions | Genre: platformer

Spiritual successor of Max & The Magic Marker from PS3 – a colorful platformer with a magic marker. It serves an important purpose – the player can use it to change elements of levels. Fortunately, the new game doesn’t look like something made in a cheap animation program and offers fairy-tale-like 2,5D graphics, different locations and many fantastic creatures. The title is available on PC for a couple of years and it got quite a few positive reviews.


Need for Speed Payback

Developer: Ghost Games | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Genre: racing game

The new Need for Speed title looks like another Fast and Furious movie with all this action-packed shots we saw in trailers. In a new open world we’ll control three drivers, each experienced in different style of driving. There are also many car customization options, including repairing a complete wreckage into a supercar. When it comes to the story, we’ll get a revenge on a cartel, but also there is the police on our backs.



Developer: Knuist & Perzik | Publisher: Soedesco | Genre: platformer 2D

A 2D Platformer with great PC reviews, where we play as a banished member of his community named Wum. Now he’s looking for a new home in a vast, colorful and diversified world. In terms of gameplay, the title makes use of simple combat with RPG elements. All this with quirky sense of humor and hand-drawn doodle-like graphics.


November 14th

Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition

Developer: Giants Software | Publisher: Focus Home Interactive | Genre: simulation

An upgraded version of the farming simulator from last year. As you can expect, the core gameplay is focused on plowing the field, planting seeds and harvesting crops (and breeding livestock!), just to make enough money to expand our farming “kingdom”. Platinum Edition adds new plants and animals from the South America, and among the many new machines we’ll find the one used for harvesting sugar canes.


L.A. Noire

Developer: Rockstar Games | Publisher: Rockstar Games | Genre: action, adventure, open world

A remastered Rockstar Games’ thriller set in Los Angeles in the 40s. Detective Cole Phelps conducts a variety of investigations, but instead of GTA-like action, the game puts emphasis on collecting the evidence and interrogating suspects (which comes with a deep mimic mechanic). All this with jazz soundtrack and noir movie’s atmosphere. The remaster will take the graphics up a notch and include every additional case (and skin for Phelps) we got in the past as a DLC for the game.


Outcast: Second Contact

Developer: Appeal Studio | Publisher: Big Ben Interactive | Genre: action

Remastered version of a cult classic adventure game from 1999. As an elite soldier Cutter Slade we’ll get to know alien planet Adelpha. The main focus is put on the exploration here and the developer prepared quite diversified locations like jungles, pools of lava and snowy mountains. Besides, the game is to charm everyone with different culture of the planet and its vivid (and remastered) places.


November 17th

Demon Gaze 2

Developer: Experience Inc | Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software | Genre: jRPG, dungeon crawler

A Japanese dungeon crawler focused on exploration, turn-based combat and a story with busty girls in a form of visual novel genre. As Demon Gazer, we’ll save the world enslaved by a powerful mage, and we’ll do this with a help of demonic foes turned allies. Of course it’s not Japanese enough if we can’t flirt and date with those underlings.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Developer: Traveller's Tales | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive | Genre: platformer

Another attempt in recreating Marvel Comics’ world in LEGO, this time designed for the comic books fans as well as the MCU audience. Next to Thor and Hulk in armors from the Thor Ragnarok movie we’ll be getting characters like Gwenpool or Spider-Man 2099, and among new mechanics there will be teleportation and time travelling. Beside that, the usual stuff – easy environmental puzzles and the world created entirely from LEGO blocks that we destroy alone or with a friend in co-op.


Star Wars Battlefront 2

Developer: DICE | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Genre: FPS, TPS

The second attempt by DICE to revive the Battlefront series. Once again we’ll try our best in online FPS set in Star Wars universe and just like any sequel goes – it will be bigger, better and more badass. The gameplay should have a lot of fixes comparing to the predecessor, and in months after the release we’ll be getting new maps and heroes. This time the developer remembered to include a fully-fledged story mode – commander for the Empire Iden Versio will take us through the events following the ending of Return of the Jedi.


The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Developer: Nicalis | Publisher: Nicalis | Genre: roguelike

A comeback of a rougelike game where we play as a tear-shooting fetus in procedurally generated, nightmarish levels. This time the game has the Afterbirth expansion, so get ready for many new items, enemies and locations, as well as a new mode, an ending and five playable characters.


The Sims 4

Developer: Electronic Arts | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Genre: simulation

Almost a carbon copy of the PC version of the game with next to no content cut out. The only thing missing will be the in-game gallery with screenshots and the mod support. So we’ll create a family of sims and we’ll take care of them, fulfilling their needs and goals in life. Along with the console release there also will be available a bundle with a couple of expansions (City Living, Vampires, Perfect Patio Stuff and Vintage Glamour Stuff.


Tokyo Tattoo Girls

Developer: Sushi Typhoon Games | Publisher: Nippon Ichi Sofware | Genre: strategy

A Japanese handheld strategy game which finally will be out in Europe. On PS Vita’s screen we’ll experience an alternate world where Tokyo is cordoned off from the world and it was divided into 23 wards. Our goal is to take control over every ward, using our sexy minions with magic tattoos granting them powers. As you can expect from a Japanese game, there are lots of young girls with big breasts.


November 21st

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

Developer: Square Enix | Publisher: Square Enix | Genre: arcade

A VR adventure in the world of Final Fantasy XV. With our headset on we’ll be able to experience… well, it was going to be something big, but we end up getting a fishing simulator with Noctis as a main hero. An extreme simulator! Okay, let’s not pretend we wanted this…


Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition

Developer: Streum On Studio | Publisher: Focus Home Interactive | Genre: action, FPS

A FPS in a rich world of Warhammer, where we command a special Space Marine unit – Deathwing. Be ready to fight the most abominable creatures of this universe with big energy rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and gigantic war hammers. The game will be available on consoles with a new feature – random generated missions on levels from the story campaign.


November 22nd

Hidden Agenda

Developer: Supermassive Games | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Genre: party game

Another, after That’s You!, party title from PlayLink initiative, so it’s a multiplayer game and it uses smartphones with special app as controllers. What we have here is a crime story from the developer of Until Dawn, where players vote for characters’ decisions and complete Quick Time Events. Our not-that-limited influence can lead to many endings, including a one with no one left alive, but stay vigilant as some players know something more that the rest and can have Hidden Agenda.


Knowledge is Power

Developer: Wish Studios | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Genre: party game

Quiz game like Buzz series, although with addition of minigames played with our smartphones as it uses the Playlink app (That’s You!). That means you don’t need more than one DualShock 4 or any other expensive controllers to play it with many people in local multiplayer. The main goal is to reach the peak of Knowledge Pyramid. Not only the correct quiz answers count, but also wins in minigames between questions.

SingStar Celebration

Developer: Sony London Studios | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Genre: party game

It’s a new SingStar entry from the PlayLink initiative, so you don’t have to buy pricey microphones if you’ve got your smartphone and a free app. We don’t know playlist yet, but there will be 30 songs with classics and newest hits alike among them.

The Inpatient

Developer: Supermassive Games | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Genre: horror

A spooky VR story from Supermassive Game, where we’ll take on the role of Blackwood Sanatorium patient with amnesia. Along with the drugs, our perception will play tricks on us. The asylum also has its own dark secrets and the developer said it’s set “60 years before Until Dawn”.


November 28th

Black Mirror

Developer: KING Art Games | Publisher: THQ Nordic | Genre: horror, adventure

No, it’s not a game based on Nextflix’ show. It’s a remaster of old point ‘n’ click adventure game, which tells story about David Gordon. He comes back to his ancestral home after his father’s death just to experience another horror. This psychological thriller should win our hearts with a heavy atmosphere and disturbing scenes. The biggest change, comparing to the original, is new graphics and a completely new mechanic – interaction our hero can start with encountered spirits.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster

Developer: Square Enix | Publisher: Square Enix | Genre: jRPG

Action jRPG set in the future, where two main characters are looking for a new place for humankind to settle after destruction of Earth in Third World War. This space opera was released on PS3 and now it’ll be available on PlayStation 4 in (surprise, surprise) 4K resolution. The game also offers dynamic combat system in real time, crafting mechanic and an option to get to know other characters.


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