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Upcoming PS4 Releases - October 2017
Upcoming PS4 Releases - October 2017

October launches for good the pre-Christmas period which is filled with games. Great titles will appear all month, so there will be a choice what we will play.

October 3rd

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Developer: Airship Syndicate | Publisher: THQ Nordic | Genre: RPG, dungeon crawler

JRPG for people who don’t like Eastern games’ style. Turn-based combat mixes with character progression in a procedurally generated world under art style of comic books’ veteran Joe Madureira. We had an opportunity to play the early version of the game and we have to admit – THQ Nordic’s game looks fantastic.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Developer: Capcom | Publisher: Capcom | Genre: jRPG

Remastered version of action jRPG Dragon’s Dogma from PlayStation 3. Once again we’ll be able to plunge into a fantastic world of sword and magic, where we’ll fight with mythical beasts like gryphons and dragons. All of this in an open world and with two companions controlled by AI. Moreover, they can be a copy of our PSN friend’s character. Additional content from Dark Arisen includes new quests on Bitterblack Isle, powerful enemies, skills and pieces of equipment.



Developer: 10Tons Ltd. | Publisher: 10Tons Ltd. | Genre: twin-stick shooter,

Twin-stick shooter, where our hero as well as his weapons can radically change the whole gameplay through variety of upgrades to choose from. Cybernetic implants, weapon mods and gadgets are to provide as much as over a billion different configurations. Thanks to that, we can use chameleon modification to blend in with the surroundings or pierce through walls and surprise enemies, making our bullets don’t hurt civilians. There is co-op for two players, too.


theHunter: Call of the Wild

Developer: Expansive Worlds | Publisher: Avalanche Studios | Genre: simulation

Hunting simulator, where we can hunt for bears, boars and bucks among other wild animals. The huge in-game hunting ground extends to 130 sq. km, where we’ll listen for our prey and look for its tracks. The developer even thought of a multiplayer for as much as eight players simultaneously.

October 5th

A Hat in Time

Developer: Gears for Breakfast | Publisher: Gears for Breakfast | Genre: platformer

3D platformer inspired by the best of the genre like Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Psychonauts. Our heroine has a magical hat that lets her travel through space. Along with her, we’ll visit a vast alien open world that offers more and more with every new ability we’ll acquire during our adventure. There is also co-op for two players (locally or online).


Raiden V: Director's Cut

Developer: Moss | Publisher: UFO Interactive | Genre: shoot ‘em up

25 years old shoot ‘em up series makes a comeback. Once again we’ll fly up the screen with our ship, shooting hundreds of bullets and trying to avoid getting shot by the enemy. The developer prepared story campaign (with voice actors!), unique bosses, offline co-op for two players, three different ships and additional stages – it is “Director’s Cut| after all.

October 6th


Developer: Camel 101 | Publisher: Bigmoon Entertainment | Genre: survival horror

Our hero wakes up in cryogenic pod on a spaceship and he tries to find their colleagues – but some of them are dead and the rest… it would be better they were, too. What’s more, there is someone else on the deck! Weapons and ammunition will be scarce, making us pretty much defenseless. The developer promises classic survival horror at its best.

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