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Upcoming PS4 Releases - September 2017
Upcoming PS4 Releases - September 2017

Even though August was rich in new releases on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, it's September which opens the gates for the biggest titles planned for the fall. Believe us, there is a whole lot of new games!

1st September

Rabi Ribi

Developer: CreSpirit | Publisher: PQube | Genre: Shoot 'em up

Bullet hell side-scroller where we control little girl transformed from a rabbit. With rabbit ears, of course. Developer prepared as many as 40 bosses, huge variety of equipment and upgrades changing each playthrough. There is also a mode for speedrunners.

Shoppe Keep

Developer: Arvydas Žemaitis | Publisher: Excalibur Games | Genre: Simulation

Adventurers store simulator in fantasy world setting. Finally we can stand behind the counter and offer outrageously low prices for Big Heroes' loot. And then put it for sale for ten times more! Graphics are not so great, but the gameplay itself is deep - we have to fight for clients, watch out for thieves and expand our shop.

Warriors All-Stars

Developer: Omega Force | Publisher: Koei Tecmo | Genre: Action

Hack 'n' slash from Koei Tecmo which is a crossover of many publisher's series like Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors or Toukiden, but also Nioh and Ninja Gaiden. Developer did not use deep combat system from the latter, delivering simple slasher where we fight couple dozens of enemies at once in open levels. Now we can also choose four supporting characters, so there is that. When it comes to the story, it's nothing special - the kingdom is in peril, so heroes from around the world are summoned.

5th September

Don't Knock Twice

Developer: Wales Interactive | Publisher: Wales Interactive | Genre: Horror

Psychological horror in virtual reality, but you don't have to have a Sony's headset to play. We'll look for our daughter in first person perspective, and in the progress we'll learn about local myth and demonic witch. All of this in the huge mansion, where almost every object we'll be able to interact with.

Knack 2

Developer: Sony Japan Studios | Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment | Genre: Platform

Okay, first Knack wasn't great, but this 3D platformer got one more chance. This time the developer had much more time to carry out all studio's ideas, so we are to see what the original supposed to be. And it's an amazing story of this creature enlarging itself with junk laying around. There is also a co-op mode for two players.


Developer: Wizard Fu | Publisher: Double 11 | Genre: aRPG

Procedurally generated RPG set 13,000 years B.C. Roq, the protagonist, is running without a shirt through the galaxy, accidentally waking up ancient army of evil. And now, as they have woken up, he has to stop them. We'll do this with our trusty nanosword, a hat which makes a deadly boomerang, spirit throwing knives and a whole lot of bombs. All of this with an optional co-op for two players.

6th September

Destiny 2

Developer: Bungie | Publisher: Activision | Genre: FPS/RPG

Bungie's second try to make a MMOFPS with RPG elements. Missions (being completed alone or with others) will tell a new story about Guardians attacked by Cabal Emperor, Ghaul. During the conflict we'll visit different worlds, get new weapons and powers, and known three classes of Guardians will be level-up to completely new subclasses. Of course, all the raids, strikes and other PvP modes are still there and they got many changes.

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