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Top 10 easiest platinum trophies on PS4
Top 10 easiest platinum trophies on PS4

The easiest plats on PS4 is a subject that’s been circling around the net for some time now. Every now and then new productions appear and the trophy hunters have their eyes right on them. We’ve chosen the 10 absolutely easiest platinums on PS4.

The lion’s share of the following set is puzzle and adventure games, which shouldn’t be surprising given that most of the exceptionally easy platinum trophies are hidden there. Completing the game and finding all the collectibles (which most of the players do with a previously prepared guide) allow to max out a game in 3-4 hours. The easiest and fastest to achieve plats that we’ve chosen are named on the list below. We took into account also those available in Europe/USA so don’t expect any of the Japanese VN games where you often see little girls striking ambiguous poses (we’re not judging…).

10. The Walking Dead / The Walking Dead: New Frontier / Game of Thrones

We’re opening the list with Telltale Games productions. More often than not it’s enough to complete the game to obtain the platinum trophy, which takes about 10 hours (2 hours for each of five episodes). In this case it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Minecraft - Story Mode or Batman. The games are completely alike when it comes to mechanics so you just have to choose a franchise that you like the most. But remember that the second season of The Walking Dead doesn’t have a platinum.


9. Hitman GO / Lara Croft GO

Two titles taken out of a smartphone. Two extremely good puzzle titles resembling board games, I might add. If you want to play normally you’ll have to do your share of logical thinking, because Square Enix Montreal took special care of Hitman and Lara Croft so that they’re properly demanding. But if you care about the platinum - open the guide and hit the buttons without even looking at the screen. You’ll be done within 2 hours tops.


8. Coffin Dodgers

Coffin Dodgers is one of few games in this set that’s not an adventure game. We’re dealing with kart racing in which you get the platinum trophy after 5-6 hours and the only thing you have to do is… finish the game by completing subsequent races. The level of difficulty isn’t high so gaining the little trophies isn’t very frustrating. The one thing you have to remember is that the game doesn’t represent its genre so well.


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